Supplies Needed for the Station of THe Cross

Station I

·      Television set to static 

·      Kneeler 

·      Welcome Guidelines and a Map of the Stations

First Prayer Wall (Between Station I and II)

·      Newsprint or Poster Board on the Wall OR taped to a table

·      Markers 

·      Write:  Express a Prayer that symbolizes you letting go of distractions. 

Station II

·      Table 

·      Votive Candles arranged in the shape of the cross

·      Clay Oil Lamp Prop 

·      Central Larger Lit Candle to light from

·      Matches/Lighter 

Station III

·      A Pair of Men’s Sandals 

Second Prayer Wall(Between Station III and IV)

·      Newsprint or Poster Board on the Wall OR taped to a table

·      Markers 

·      Write:  What are your hopes for this journey?

Station IV

·      Cotton Balls 

·      Medicine Dropper 

·      Scented Oil, I.e., Lavendar or Nard

Station V

·      Something representing 30 pieces of silver (Could Purchase Replica Coins or Use 30 Quarters)

·      The leather pouch 

Station VI

·      Hand sanitizer 

·      Cubes of bread in a Ziplock

·      Partial Torn Loaf of bread as a visual (Something Like Challah)

·      Toothpicks 

·      SMall Individual Paper plates For People to Pour Olive Oil into

·      Cruet of Olive Oil 

·      Twig of Rosemary as a visual and for the smell 

·      Trash Can 


Station VII

·      Kneeler 

·      Plants (If your Church does Easter Lilies, this would be a Good way to store them)

·      Grape Juice 

·      Little Cups 

·      Pitcher (Perhaps a Clean Empty Milk Jug)

·      CD of night sounds On Repeat

·      Trash Can 

·      Fountain of Running Water 

Station VIII

·      Rope 

Station IX

·      Crown of Thorns 

·      Purple/Scarlet Robe

·      Reed Scepter

         Third Prayer Wall (Between Station IX and X)

·      Newsprint or Poster Board on the Wall OR taped to a table

·      Markers

·      Write:  What do you want to tell Jesus right now?

Station X

·      4 “ X 6” X 8’ Beam with a handle Screwed in on one end (Or something representing the weight of the CrossBeam); Please note that the crossbeam that we used weighed 43 pounds (a mere fraction of the Approxiamtely 100 pound crossbeam that christ would have carried)

Station XI

·      Large Wooden Cross 

·      HammerS

·      Nails

·      Paper (Preferably Red)

·      Markers Or Pens

·      Were You There When They Crucified My Lord (I recommend the acapella version by Sue Nixon and Walt Wagner, which can be purchased for $0.99 From iTunes ) on repeated loop 

Station XII

·      Candles to Extinguish; could use electronic candles

·      Scraps of Fabric to rip (I put a slit in Each Scrap of Fragment to make them easier to rip)

Station XIII

·      A Boulder

Station XIV

         Final Prayer Wall:

·      Newsprint or Poster Board or Dry Erase Board OR taped to a table

·      Markers

·      Write:  What is Jesus saying to you, today?  How is your life changed by Jesus?


Miscellaneous Decorative Supplies To ENhance the Experience:

·      Crosses 

·      Decorative Cloths, i.e. Pashminas, Scarves, etc.

·      Fake Candles As Luminaries to guide the way and for ambiance throughout the Journey

·      Footprints or arrows or crosses taped to the Ground to mark where to go (make with Cricut machine and then Laminate)

·      Stations Signs and Directives (Make and Laminate)

·      Make Additional Directional Signs

·      Tape To Hang Signs

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