Stations of the Cross


Please note that these stations are a compilation of many people’s ideas and not all my own.  Like an editor of an anthology, I have brought together a lot of what has been done and can be done with the stations of the cross.  These stations walk through the last days of Jesus’ life on this earth and ground us in who Jesus is.  A special thanks to Faith Boslan of Youth Specialties, to Emily Knight a United Methoodist Pastor in the Florida Conference, to Memorial UMC in Fernandina Beach, FL, and to Beymer UMC in Winter Haven, FL for their hard work and resources.  Please feel free to use these ideas in your ministry setting and/or to walk through these virtual stations as a way to connect to the One whose name is Love.  May you have a Good Friday that is rooted in the embodied and sacrificial love of God expressed in Jesus the Christ.  And because you are so loved, may you share that love with all that you meet.  

Station I

Station II

Station III

Station IV

Station V

Station VI

Station VII

Station VIII

Station IX

Station X

Station XI

Station XII

Station XIII

Station XIV

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