Shattered, Broken, Helpless . . .

Brokenness Being Transformed

Brokenness Being Transformed (Acrylic on Canvas)

We are shattered

     We are broken

          We are helpless

We have stepped out of the dance

     We have disrupted the rhythm

           We have rejected Your love

Without You

Without Your Love

     We do not stand a chance

          We continually muck things up

     We even endeavor to destory Your love, Your presence, and Your goodness in our midst

Forgive us, we pray

With You

With Your Love

     We find salvation

          We find restoration

     We find reconciliation 

We are mended

     We are renewed

          We are Your beloved

We step back into the dance with You leading each step

     Once again, we experience Your rhythm

           Once again, we experience Your shalom


Because of Your Love

     Shattered does not get the last say

     Brokenness is not the end of the story

     Helpless become helped

Because of Your Love

     The cross is not the end

     You have conquered sin and death

     We experience the inbreaking of Your kingdom

          Here on Earth as it already is in Heaven

Because of Your Love

     The light shines in the darkness

     Your presence dwells with us

     We encounter Your purpose for our lives

We are no longer shattered

     We are no longer broken

          We are no longer helpless

We are being recreated

     We are being healed

          We are being helped and blessed that we might help and bless others.

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