Love Beyond Measure

Love Beyond Measure (Charcoal and Paint on Paper)

Love Beyond Measure (Charcoal and Acrylic Paint on Paper)

Who is this God who loves me so?

Who is this God who empties God's self that I might be full?

Who is this God that pours out all for my sake?

Who is this God whose love is beyond measure?

I cannot count how much this God loves me

I cannot measure this love in a cup

I cannot contain this love in a basin

This love overflows as a spring gushing water

This love that pours into me is meant to pour through me 

Filling not only me but all that I meet.  

Like a pitcher that is constantly being filled 

I then in turn share this love with others

Letting it stream forth 

Out of my abundance

I share this love beyond measure

There is plenty to go around

This love compelled God to Incarnation

This love led God to make God's dwelling among us

This love carries us through

No greater love is there when this God gave God's life for our sake

From birth to life to teaching to death to resurrection and to ascension

This God made a way where there seemed to be no way

Lord Jesus 

I cannot begin to fathom the extravagance of Your love

Your prodigal ways confound me

Your lavish grace astounds me

May I have courage to live my life as a libation

For Your sake and for the sake of others

May all that I say and do reflect this love of Yours,

Love beyond measure.

Just as You surrendered Your whole life for the sake of others

I offer myself as a willing and living  sacrifice

Not my will but Yours be done


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