All Souls' Day

All Souls’ Day — 2nd of November

For Protestants:  All Souls’ Day is similar to All Saints’.  Today is a day of alms giving and prayers for the dead.  On this day, may we find ways to give and help the poor, and may we take time to remember and pray for the souls of those who have gone before.

Prayer Walking Activity:

Perhaps you want to go to a cemetery, today.  Whether you are visiting the cemetary of a place where you know people who are buried there or not, you can walk through, and as you walk, pray.  Pray for the souls and eternal resting place of any graves that you pass.  Pray, also, for those who have lost loved ones, for those who grieve and mourn.  If you are visiting a grave of someone you knew, it is customary to light a candle and place it on the grave, as you pray.

Then return home, gather around the table, share in a meal, sitting with loved ones and friends, remember and celebrate those who have gone before.  Tell stories.  Reminisce.  Laugh.  Cry.  Remember.

A Prayer for the Dead:

For those who have gone before

     We pray for peace

     We pray for eternal presence with God

For those who have gone before

     We share and remember their lives

     We celebrate the legacy that they left

     We notice how they lived and how the loved

For those who have gone before

     We pray for those who miss them

                     for those who mourn

                     for those who grieve

May we remember

     May we love

          May we share

               May we celebrate 

                    The lives of those who have gone before

In the name of the One who Triumphed over Death, 

     Who is the Lord of Abundant Life 

          We pray.  Amen.

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