Formed and Shaped

Yesterday, we celebrated Reformation Sunday.  Back in the year 1517, on October 31st, Martin Luther (German monk and Catholic priest) nailed to the door of the All Saints' Church (also known as Castle Church) his 95 Theses, his theological writings that challenged current practices of the Catholic church.  He was not endeavoring to start a new denomination but was working to reform the Catholic church from within.  This act sparked the beginning of, what we call, the Protestant Reformation.

As we remember and commemorate this time, may we be willing to take a hard look at ourselves, as individuals and as the church.  Where do we still need to be re-formed?  In what ways have we lost sight of the called out community that Christ calls us to be?  In what ways is God calling us to be re-formed and re-shaped in to the individuals and the church that God would have us to become?  


Using something like clay or Play-doh, as you shape the clay or Play-doh in your hands as an individual or a community, pray for yourself, for the church, the community, and the world.  Where is God calling for reformation?  Where is God calling for change, justice, peace, and surrender?  In what ways have we stopped following God's ways and will for our lives?  What would it look like to be surrendered to be shaped and formed according to God's purposes and God's will?

Surrendered Vessels -- A Prayer for Reformation

Gracious and Loving God

You are the Potter and we are the clay

Mold us, fashion us, and shape us 

Center us according to your will and purpose

As the Potter's Wheel of Life Spins

Keep us centered on You

Cleanse us with Your Living Water of

     Any impurities

     Any self-reliance

     Any injustice

     Any corruption

     Any pride

May we surrender all that we are

     As individuals

     And as a called out community

Mold, fashion and shape us into Your vessels

Fill us with





     Willing Spirits

Where we need to be reformed

     Do not hesitate

Where we need to be redirected

     Guide our steps

Where we need to be trimmed

     Lovingly take away that in our lives which distracts us

     And that keeps us from us becoming who we are called to become

Where we need to change

     Help us bend according to Your will

Throughout the ages , Individuals and the church 

     Have needed and experienced reformation

Do whatever it takes for us to be willing to be transformed

Nudge, Whisper, and Hold Us

We joyfully surrender our wills to Yours, 

     Knowing that You, Our Heavenly Potter, 

     Want and know what is best for us

Help us to become more than just clay

May we be surrendered vessels

Yielding, Trusting, Free

In the Name of the One Whose Name is Love


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