Visio Divina

Visio Divina "divine seeing" is similar to Lectio Divina and Audio Divina, but instead of sacredly reading the Bible or other Spiritual texts, you are allowing God to speak to you through meditating on art.  Visio Divina allows you to pray through art/images.  This process can be done at your computer, in a museum, with a book of images, etc.

Promise  (Watercolor on paper)

Promise (Watercolor on Paper)

Consider seeing in a more contemplative way.  For most of us, we glance at images and have already made up our mind on what the image offers and then we move on to something else.  Visio Divina is an invitation to see more deeply and more fully, an invitation to slow down and allow the painting/image to serve as a means of prayer, a channel of grace.

Start with a painting or image.  Truly look at the art.  Be aware of your initial impression.  Notice any assumptions you bring.  Notice these things with awareness not judgment.  

Now, take time to expand your understanding and deepen your encounter.  What else do you notice?  Are there areas you are more drawn to?  Why?

Allow your eyes to linger on these parts.  Are there lines that have significance for you?  Do these lines create movement or stillness within the piece?  What makes you notice these lines over others?  Are there colors that jump out at you or draw you in?  What do these lines and colors call to mind?  

What insights do you glean from this piece?  How are you experiencing God's presence in this work of art?

As you notice these things, it may be helpul to journal about the experience, to jot down any insights.

After you have spent significant time taking in the image.  Close your eyes and say a prayer grounded in your experience.  Then when you open your eyes, look at the painting once more.  Allow yourself to still be open for any more insights.


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