Talk To The Chair

Have you ever felt that when you are praying that it is hard to pray to something you can't see, to have a conversation with God when you have trouble visualizing with whom you are talking?  I once heard a spiritual director recommend talking to a chair.  Sit down.  Place an empty chair in front of you and have a conversation (perhaps even out loud) with the chair.  Imagine that God is sitting across from you.  This may help you to talk to God and make time to listen for God's response in a more concrete way.  

There are times in my life when God seems distant.  It is especially during these times that I find this technique helpful.  I have a small table in my kitchen with two chairs.  Sometimes I will make my self a cup of coffee or tea.  Then I will sit down in one of the chairs.  As I sit their sipping my coffee or tea, I look at the chair across from me and I talk to God.  Cultivating this discipline may help you to connect with God on a more regular and tangible basis.  

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