Moving In The Spirit

Dandayamana Dhanurasana (Standing Bow Pulling Pose)

I used to think that in order to pray I needed to sit perfectly still in a quiet room, talking and listening to God.  I learned over time that I am not wired that way.  Not all of us are good at sitting still and connecting with God.  Perhaps your mind wanders or you are distracted by all that you have going on.  In the complete stillness you find it is hard to shut down your mind and your growing list of things to do.  I have found that connecting to God through movement actually helps me to focus more on the relationship.  I recommend reading a few verses of scripture.  Then as you begin to reflect on what you have read, try something like taking a walk, going for a run, doing yoga, swimming, dancing, or riding a bike.  As you are moving, take time to reflect on the passage you have read and to enter into conversation with God.  Leave space for God to respond to you.  You may find that movement enables you to actually focus more.  

A few years back I went to a clergywomen event in Chicago.  While there I engaged in Christ centered yoga class.  This event forever changed my life and transformed how I connect with God.  In the class, we would start with prayer and then listen to a short scripture passage.  Then as we moved through the various yoga positions we would contemplate what we had read and connect with God on a deep level.  

When I do poses like:  Dandayamana Dhanurasana (Standing bow pulling pose), I feel strong, balanced, and centered.  I am aware of in whose image I am made.  I connect with the triune God.  Yoga becomes a form of prayer for me, as well as a way to respond to the reading of the Word.  I invite you to connect with God through movement.  May the wind and breath of the Holy Spirit move you!

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