Mandala Station

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” Revelation 22:13 NRSV

Directives:  A mandala is a contemplative tool that has been used for centuries in many world religions.  Mandala is from the sanskrit meaning “circle.”  A mandala, like a circle has no beginning or end.  It is an image of balance and shalom.  In God we find both beginning and end.  Today, we are using mandalas as a way to connect to Christ.  Through the mandalas we find balance and peace.  As you color a mandala, today, take time to pray and reflect on God’s presence in your life.  Focus on your breath.  Breathe in God’s presence, God’s peace, God’s wholeness, and God’s shalom.  Breathe out the worries, the frustrations, and the anxieties of life.  Take your time coloring; let it be prayerful and contemplative.  As you create be reminded of God our creator who made us in God’s image.

Alternative Directives:  Create Your Own Mandala:  Blank Sheet, Paper Plate (or something to trace for a circle).  Trace circle on blank sheet or use the computer to draw a circle on a word document and then print onto something durable like card-stock.  Everything inside the mandala represents things in life you feel you can control.  Everything outside the mandala represents the things in life you feel that you cannot control.  This can be abstract.  Notice the quality of your lines, shapes, and colors.  

Supplies Needed:  Mandala Coloring Sheets, Crayons, Markers, and/or Colored Pencils.  

For the alternative Option:  Blank Sheets of Paper with Paper Plate (or Something to trace a circle with) or Preprinted Sheets with Circle, Paints, Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils.  If you use Black Paper or paper of various colors, then you could opt to use oil pastels/conte sticks or conte crayons.  

Mandalas for coloring can be found at sites like:


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