Lectio Divina


Lectio ("Lex-ee-o") Divina is the acient art of Sacred Reading.  In the process of Lectio Divina we allow the text to speak to us in a fresh way.  This practice would work well in a retreat setting, a small group/Bible Study setting, or in a worship setting.

Guidelines for the Lectio Leader:

Encourage the group by saying, something like:   

     Still yourself.  Sit quietly.  Close your eyes.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Focus on your breath.  Place

      yourself in the loving presence of God.  

When the group starts to seem centered, say a short breath prayer. A breath prayer is a prayer that can be said in a single breath.  As we inhale we address God, inviting God into our midst, and as we exhale we say a short petition.  

Samples of Breath prayers:  

       “Holy Spirit, fill my life.”

      “Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.”

Then read the passage aloud, attentively, reverently, reflectively, and slowly.  Give the group time to ponder and meditate on what has been read.  Invite them to name one word or phrase that jumped out at them, that they noticed (just the word or phrase this go around).  In a larger group, you could have them write down/journal the word or phrase. 

After the group has shared/written down their word or phrase, invite them to ask themselves and contemplate:  

     What does this word or phrase mean for your life?  Give them time to rest in the question.  Allow for the quiet.  In the large group setting, this would be a great time to give them space to journal their response. 

Then read the passage, again.

Invite them to name something else they noticed and give time for them to share any insights they may have received.  Again, in a large group setting, this could be done where people write down their reflections.  

Give them the opportunity to rest in God’s presence.  Invite them to let go of their own ideas and plans and embrace the gift of contemplation.  Invite them to allow the Holy Spirit to shape their lives.  Give time and space for God to speak.  Do not be afraid of the silence.  Do not rush this.  

As you bring this time with God to a close, re-read aloud the passage one more time and close with a prayer.  If people have shared aloud, allow these insights to shape your prayer.

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