Brokenness Being Transformed Station


Quote to Post at the Station:

"The cup of my life is still an earthen vessel, prone to leaks, sometimes overfull with bitterness and doubt and fear and resentment, still in need of being emptied and then refilled by God. But now, somehow, it feels like a deeper cup, a stronger cup. And when I persist in surrendering it to my Heavenly Father, it seems to bubble and brim and overflow with more and more of the Lord's goodness." (Emilie Barnes)

Directives:  The pages of Scripture are filled with people, flaws and all, being called, equipped, and used for God’s purposes.  God chooses, calls, and uses us in spite of our brokenness.  God makes something beautiful out of us.  We are God’s masterpiece, granted we are a work in progress.  You are invited to tear this paper and then make a collage representing God transforming your brokenness.  As you tear the paper, be aware of your areas of brokenness.  Lift them up in prayer and ask God to transform your brokenness.  Then as you start to make a collage of your surrendered brokenness, focus on God doing a new thing, God bringing wholeness, balanace and shalom into your life.

Supplies Needed:  Construction Paper, Various Textured and Patterned Papers (optional), Magazines and Newspapers (optional), Glue Sticks/Glue, Table, and Wipes for Clean Up

Alternative:  You could also use this idea of brokenness being transformed with a communal focus.  The focus then would be not on the individual but on how as a church we surrender our brokenness so that God uses us as the church, flaws and all.  In this scenario I tend to make a cross out of Foam Board and then paint it.  And then I post this directive.

This communal version could also be done as a mosaic with tumbled shards.  Then the cross could act as a fixture in the worship space and as a reminder of our surrendered and transformed brokenness.  If you are interested in doing this as a mosaic I recommend:  Monster Mosaics.  Here you can get the base, the tumbled shards, the glue, and the grout.

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