I Have A Dream .  .  .


I have a dream* of a community, a creative community 

Inspired by Jesus’ example of going to the people who most needed to feel the truth and the power of God’s love for them:

  • a place that meets people where they are,
    • where students can walk to said place that is right in their neighborhood, right in their community,
  • a place where people feel a sense of belonging and         unconditional love,
  • a safe place for expression and growth and      development of self-worth,
    • where people are not judged, but loved and encouraged,
    • where people of all ages, races, genders, and whatever else divides us find inspiration to embody love, hope, joy, and peace for one another,
    • where creativity and outside the box thinking is not only accepted but stirred up,
    • where people pour their lives into one another,
    • where students learn the arts in ways that are deep and connected with where and who they are,
    • and where no one needs to hide who they are or where they come from, instead finding in themselves the wellspring for creatively connecting with God, with other people, and with all creation.

I believe 

  • that God loves each individual person abundantly, and that God desires for us to relate to one another in diverse and even unique ways, 
  • that the arts make a way where there seems to be no way,
  • that creative expression facilitates growth in Christian discipleship,
  • and that all people regardless of their age or experience or ability to pay, need opportunities to play and experiment in the arts, to try something new.

I cannot make this dream come true alone:

I have been given a vision of what could be, but it will take many people working together to bring this vision to life.

In my vision,

  • I see a large warehouse of student work areas;
  • I see a gathering area for teaching and reflection;
  • I see students who desire to be a part of an intentional community of artists, of learners, of life-changers;
  • I see volunteers and staff investing their time and resources in building this community:  teachers, mentors, fundraisers, and grant writers;
  • I see a network of supporters, contributing prayers, snacks, and supplies

There is so much to do, and so much I do not yet know.  How is this dream lived out?  Where will this community center be?  How will we begin? With whom will I partner?

God gives each one of us opportunities to bring hope and light and love into a world that hungers and thirsts for righteousness.  Pray about what you have read here, today.  Search your heart.  As you read, did you feel something stirring within you?

Is this vision an invitation to you?  Is God calling you to contribute to making this dream a reality?

If God is calling you to help make this vision of Grace Works Village a reality, please contact Charissa.

*In early February 2009, I was sitting at a Kingdom Encounter event at Asbury Theological Seminary, when all of a sudden, I found myself encountering a vision of what could be.  My hands could not write fast enough.  It was as if the Holy Spirit was pouring into me this vision of what could be.  Prayerfully consider how you can come alongside and help make this vision a reality.   

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