About Grace Works

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Grace Works Studio started on the 11th of January, 2010 and was officially incorporated as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) on the 1st of September 2010.  Grace Works Studio is the artistic ministry of Charissa Jaeger-Sanders.  Grace Works Studio’s name was inspired by the name of the artist, Charissa, which comes from the Greek word charis (Χάρις) meaning grace.  This ministry is about using tools like artistic expression and yoga in contemplative ways to foster spiritual growth in our relationship with God and as an outreach to share the grace of God in an open and loving way.  

Grace Works strives to help people connect with God in tangible ways and integrate artistic expression and yoga with their devotional life.  Artistic expression can be a cultivated habit that helps each of us draw closer to God through intentional contemplation with a hands-on approach.  Yoga encourages us to link our breath and movement.  With each asana (posture) we can breathe in peace and presence.  Yoga is yet another way to pray.  

Grace Works is also committed to making a tangible difference in the world by showing love of neighbor.  Grace Works endeavors to use art as a way to reach at risk kids and communities  therefore, in addition to serving as an outreach in the community, a portion of all donations given to this ministry will go to various missions.   

Consider using Grace Works Studio as a resource for your next retreat, for creative contemplative worship, as a part of your after school program, to teach art to home schooled youth and children, or in a specific ministry at your church by having Charissa come and help facilitate.

 All paintings, drawings, Ideas, and wording on this webpage are copyrighted by the artist.  
© 2010 Charissa Jaeger-Sanders.  All Rights Reserved.  You are welcome to use the ideas and suggestions found on this website, for no fee, as long as you give credit to Grace Works Studio.  However, if you Find this Website helpful, please consider giving a donation to Grace Works Studio to help continue its ministry.